Transdermal/Topical Pain Medications posted by : Dr. Barnetton: 23 September, 2019
A very popular pain medicine delivery technique in my practice has developed over the last two years. Topical application of mixed prescription medications provide treatment and management of different types of pain by using FDA approved drugs in a novel topical application that is cost effective, convenient for the patient, and directed and controlled by the physician without the possibility of addiction. Dermatological therapeutics transports these medications through the skin directly to target areas of pain. The stomach, liver, blood system, kidneys and brain are largely bypassed and therefore, many, if not all, the adverse effects are avoided.Topical therapies and combination preparations may have many advantages over systemically administered analgesics, including the ability to provide effective analgesia with reduced systemic drug levels, a factor particularly beneficial to the elderly. Fewer side effects coupled with convenient and painless administration results in improved patient acceptance and compliance, and ease of use may reduce overall treatment costs. Because they are applied directly to the target site, topical administration can provide therapeutic levels in the tissues under the area of application, with minimal serum levels. Lower systemic drug levels potentially lower the risk of organ toxicity. In addition, first pass hepatic metabolism and other variables associated with the gastrointestinal tract are avoided. Topical therapy is a viable solution that often avoids the need for an increase in oral medications or injections.

Examples of mixable medications

Nifedipineincrease tissue perfusion
Baclofen Muscle relaxant, anti spasmodic medication
Cycloben zaprine Muscle relaxant
Clonidine Analgesic particularly nerve mediated pain
Diclofenac Anti-inflammatory
Gabapentin Neuropathic pain
Flurbiprofen Anti-inflammatory
Ketamine Very potent component especially for neuropathic pain
Lidocaine Local anesthetic
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