Spinal Diagnostics: Discography posted by : Dr. Barnetton: 24 February, 2020
Discography has been labeled as controversial. I feel it has been so labeled in part due to the inaccurately or incompletely performed or recorded procedure. Compared to many spinal procedures, it is difficult to perform, taking a lot of skill and training to be able to produce consistent data, allowing a Spine Surgeon to interpret the results and apply them to his surgical candidate.
I only perform this procedure at the request of the Surgeon. The patient must be committed to the results and realize they may undergo the surgery if indicated by the results of this testing. With the inherent risk of infection and injury, I have become very specific in the application of this very valuable procedure. The information that is general necessary and of course, obtainable from this test must include but is not limited to the following:
1. Was the injection provocative 2. Was the pain concordant or discordant 3. Did the injected dye extravasate 4. Was there associated leg pain 5. Was there a normal appearing and non painful control disc 6. If concentrated local was in the dye, did the patient improve later
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