Fluoroscopy adds Compelling Advantages to Spinal Injections posted by : Dr. Barnetton: 23 September, 2019
  •  Anatomy of pain source is precisely identified and targeted
  •  Techniques can be applied throughout the body, and all spinal levels
  •  Patients with difficult anatomy can be accurately injected with minimal risk
  •  Radiologic documentation of medication delivery
  •  Finer needles can be used providing more comfort and safety for the patient

Fluoroscopy, Is it necessary?

Needless to say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The old adage of “you can’t get there from here” applies to the need for Fluoroscopy. Even the simplest procedures in the best of hands are often unsuccessful. With rare exception we do not place a needle in a patient without X-ray. The historical principal of “three epidurals needed”, which started with Medicare’s 1965 decision to allow payment for 3 epidurals in a year, has probably been propagated by the misplacement of the medication in the wrong place. We are very accurate. If a properly placed injection provides no relief why would we continue with a series. Purpose for FluoroscopyPurpose for Fluoroscopy Trying to place these needles without Fluoroscopy is only a “Shot in the Dark”
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